Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Trains and Friends

Today was a good day. We took a fabulous train trip up to Pike's Peak which stands at 14.110' above sea level. Leaving town, it was very warm at 87 degrees. At the summit of this beautiful mountain, it was around 40 degrees - a welcomed cool to the hot day. What was even more interesting than our trip, was the family of three that sat across from us on the train. The Mhere family from Zimbabwe was delightful!

Currently living in Topeka, Kansas, they offered us a lot of laughs! We provided them with tourist type information of stops they should make while here in Colorado Springs. They invited us to their home in Topeka, but not needing any corn anytime soon, we couldn't find a need to go there! I asked them if they like zoos (we have a great one in town).  The jokes continued with "Well, we don't really like zoos. We have lions for dogs in Zimbabwe!". We'll be inviting them over for dinner this week. I need to know more about this crazy bunch of people. What I really did learn today, though, was that PEOPLE are the real reason I love to travel. And we didn't have to go far to meet this clan - it was practically in our own backyard!

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