Thursday, July 7, 2011

This last week...... WOW!

This has been one adventure filled week! As I mentioned on 06/28, I made it to the top of Pike's Peak (once again) but this time it was via the Cog Railway.... an incredibly gorgeous, scenic train trip that ascends a remarkable 7 thousand feet to the top. Amazing! (I just wanted to post a couple of pictures from the top)
They say on a clear day, you can see 5 different states at the same time!

Here it is, less than a week later, I find myself attending Motorocycle Training School that I had enrolled in last month. This intense course lasted only two days, but consumed about 20 hours of those 48 hours. Exhausted, but happy (I passed the exam!), I can now remove that desire from my Bucket List. I may never actually own a motorcylce (I look ridiculous in a helmet) but I now know how to ride one. I'm thinking more on the lines of a vintage pink scooter - you just never know. (I could so see me on this!)

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