Thursday, July 14, 2011

Garage Sale Day - on a Thursday?

Attending garage sales is a HUGE part of my life. I've been searching for that ultimate item this way for at least 25 years now. I have made a good deal of money over the years buying and reselling collectibles that I have studied to be worth investing in. With my own garage loaded with items today, I find it hard to keep accumulating without releasing - some of these items, though I don't use them, I'm attached to them. I have a really good eye for a great bargain. I have bought an authentic Roseville pottery tea set for $5.00, I bought a 14kt gold and diamond ring for $1.00, and have furnished my entire living room for $60.00. The list is endless. Though you see lots of stories on tv about finding trash and turning it to treasure, I can assure everyone, it's not as easy as it looks. My husband and I go garage saling EVERY weekend - and not just in the summer. We go every month we can find them. We go to night sales, last minute sales, out of the beaten path sales and wherever else we can find them. Often, on Saturdays, we are gone from 8am and come back to the house around 5pm. It's like a full time job - but a lot more fun.

I find this to be a spiritual adventure for me as well as a way of life.  I will often lie in bed and think of things I hope to find during our outings, and lo and behold, I'm hardly ever let down. Today I was hoping to find fabric remnants. I have a little craft project going on that I'll share with you shortly.  We pulled up to a sale held by a charter school, and there they were.......... a stack of 12" square fabric samples (maybe 20 different kinds) for a whopping .50 cents!

We are also HUGE pet lovers! The dogs we get to see during our ventures are astounding. I think this is one of the many reasons I love Colorado so much.... there's so many animal lovers here! With 2 dogs and 2 cats of my own, I fit right in. But I also meet some amazing people. I can tell who's approachable for conversation and who's not interested. For the most part, most people are pretty friendly. I also find that you can get a much better deal if you just warn up to people first. We actually made friends with a couple that was leaving the state to live in a motor home park in North Carolina. This was of great interest to us as we also hope to do that type of traveling some day...........

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