Monday, July 11, 2011

A new art form - for me, that is

I'm dabbling into photography, not so much as a primary art form, but secondary to have things to add to my current mediums. I love turning pictures into something else - cards, tiles, etc. Here's my latest creation...

And the saying is:  "As the Sunflower glows in the warmth of the sun, so does my soul in the presence of you."

I took this picture of the sunflower while it was still in the refrigerator at the florist's. Some photoshopping to blur the white flowers in the background....... et voila!

And I can't leave out another of my favorites, Lilacs!

Which says: "The Lilac's swift passing of its blooms and unmistakeable fragrance reminds us to live life in the moment. This beautiful life can be so short" - this is in memory of my beloved parents. This was taken in my backyard during the super short season of the Lilac.

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