Friday, July 22, 2011

A New Day..... A New Craft

So I'm in the flag business too now. LOL  How cute are these? They looked great against my picket fence outside, but inside they were adorable around the mirrors and doorways! Very Shabby Chic and FUN! I have them in several different colors on my etsy shop at  http://www.etsy/com/shop/dianasgrl with lots more colors to come.

Crafts are a MAJOR part of my life - as in, if I'm not crafting, I'm not living (nor happy)! I was running a business that taught every craft imaginable (ok, slight exaggeration). I've had my etsy shop for several years, have a website , I'm on facebook (Crafty U),  I make my own patterns, I give my wares for gifts all year long and feel there isn't a craft I don't know how to do. I'm always looking for something new, searching for the next trend. Then I take what I find and expand on it or alter it to make it uniquely mine. What's my favorite? I can't really say. When I get bored with something, I just move on to something new. What do I know how to do best? Probably crocheting. I learned when I was 8 and never stopped - I can crochet in my sleep! But that gets boring too. I have an entire craft room filled with every craft item you can imagine - so when I want to move on to something else, I just review what's in front of me and conjur up something new. It's what I live for! (Next to being in the mountains)

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